We take all our rules seriously and we enforce them.

WIFI – Is available for FREE near the office. Ask for the password.

VISITORS – You are responsible for your visitors. All visitors must report to the office, pay a small fee and all visitors must check out by 9pm, or purchase an overnight pass.

BEACH/RIVER – Our beaches are not supervised and children are YOUR responsibility. The river is deep and flows fast at certain times of the year. Please watch your children continuously while near the water. We recommend life jackets for anyone who is not a strong swimmer.

QUIET HOURS – Quiet hours are from 11pm-9am. All radios and bright lights should be off; there should be NO loud talking during these hours. Report disturbances to the office.

CHECK OUT TIME – Cabins/Trailer Rentals: 10:30am Campsites: 11:00am

CHILDREN – Children are encouraged to have fun here. How ever they must be respectful of other campers and not be overly loud. No one is permitted to cut through other campsites. Rules of the road apply to bikes and children must wear helmets at all times as per Ontario law. Proper lighting is also mandatory after dusk. Children are permitted to use small battery-operated ride on toys, on the roads but must yield to all other traffic.

WATER USAGE – No washing of cars/trailers/ATVs on park premises. No washing of dishes in the shower rooms.

PETS – Pets are welcome at our campground however all pets MUST be kept on a leash at ALL times and be cleaned up after. Pets are NOT allowed at the beaches. They may swim at either of the boat launch areas. Pets are not permitted in ANY of the rentals except the Reflection and Catalina trailers when the pets are preregistered and the appropriate fees and deposits are paid.

GARBAGE – The town permits us to use CLEAR or WHITE bags only. NO dark bags. Tie them, and place them in the garbage shed near the office. Only household garbage is permitted. Nothing may be thrown in the river, including fish cleaning debris. Please triple bag your fish remains and put them in the garbage bin.

CAMP FIRES – City bylaws prohibit campfires during the hours of 6am-6pm Monday to Friday. Daytime fires are permitted on the weekends. Firewood is available for purchase in the office. Do not move your campfire pit. Douse your fire during periods of high wind or when retiring for the night. NO outside firewood is permitted.

CLOTHESLINES – Clothes lines are permitted at your campsite so long as trees are not damaged. You must only use a tree on your site. Please do not drape items on the rope fencing.

OUTDOOR MATS – No outdoor mats on the grass please.

OFFICE AREA – The office area can be busy, please keep the driveway clear as much as possible.

SPEED LIMIT – The speed is 10km/hr in the park. PLEASE DRIVE SLOWLY AT ALL TIMES.

VEHICLES – Please park your vehicle on your campsite only. Visitors who do not fit on your site are required to park in visitor parking. There is a fee to bring a second vehicle to your site.

REFUND POLICY – There are NO REFUNDS after arrival. See cabin/campsite cancellation policies.

GENERATORS – To use an air conditioner you must have a 30 amp site. No air conditioners on 15 amp. Use of generators are NOT permitted in the park.

ATV/UTVS’s – Riding around the park is not permitted but you may ride to and from the trails on the roadways only. Please try to stay off the grass and be very cautious when being on the grass cant be avoided.

BOAT TRAILERS – To be stored in designated areas only as dictated by the office.

NON CAMPER COMMUNITY DAYS DAY PASS- Non campers are permitted to purchase a Community Days Day Pass for $5 plus tax per person. Please stop at the office to register and pay, as well as sign out before the office closes. Community Day Passes can be purchased at anytime. Office reserves the right to turn away day passes if we are at capacity. Anyone not following all the rules will be asked to leave immediately without refund. We ask that non campers leave their pets at home since we do not allow pets on the beaches.

SMOKING/VAPING – Is not permitted within 25’ of the beach, office and other campground buildings. Smoking/Vaping is also not permitted within 50’ of the playgrounds. You are responsible for taking reasonable precautions to prevent second hand smoke from bothering other campers throughout the park and on your site. NO smoking anything inside the cabins or rental trailers at anytime.

Thank you for your cooperation! These rules help make everyone’s stay more enjoyable.